we hold tenderly inside of us a vision in which we remember ourselves fully as beings of the earth, with all relations centered on love, reverence, respect, and reciprocity. these qualities begin internally and ripple out to the edges of time and space, influencing both how we occupy our reality and the reality we occupy.

this place is an offering of this vision as a hopeful seed, that it may find fertile ground for nurturing and growth. you might soften, receive this vision, make it your own, breathe into it new life, cultivate what is true and resonant for you, deep in your body, the knowing of the earth.

here you will find expressions of art & philosophy, personal healing, deep reflection, worldly work & a curation of other curios, with humble hopes of serving as a nourishing & curative elixir for our great earth and other beings of her bosom.


Becoming Beyond Human

Ecology & Global Change

Earth Tantra

Rewilding the Human