From the spaces between

happy solstice! i fly in the morning from winter to summer, longest night to longest day ~ to begin a fresh journey in the peruvian amazon ~ so i feel it is a ripe time to unveil what i’ve been incubating during these long dark nights: i have been working on this website since summertime, as a place to harbor visions, which means there are a lot of words, and also sounds & sights, attempting to say something that can’t be said, to name something that is nameless, and to touch something that may never be reached yet is somehow Here. i have waited this long because it feels incredibly vulnerable to share words with you that are so inadequate and yet so close to my heart, and not just my heart, but pointing to the essence of something that might be me, or perhaps is something we share. i realize in this moment that i am terrified of being seen, and yet at the same time it is something i deeply long for. so, it is from this in-between space ~ between terror and desire, sharing and hiding, saying and not saying; between coming and going, winter and summer; between nothing and everything, self and other, me and you ~ that i invite you to have a look around. please also help yourself to a download or stream of my annual music mix, fresh off the ol’ laptop for your listening pleasure.

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