rewilding the human

What does it mean to be a wild creature of the earth? Wilderness: the untamed, not devoid of humanity, but rather a space for communion with the earth, with that which is all. Communion is to be with, experiencing becoming, experiencing as one. In this unity we find freedom from dominion. The wild earth has not been forced to provide for humans, but rather offers abundance freely. Wild creatures, wild humans, much the same, free to live and let live, unrestrained by societal conventions, offering their gifts freely, and communing rather than dominating.  How to reach deeply into ourselves until we touch our untamed essence that yearns to live with abandon, to love what is, and to offer itself to the earth?

“It is in vain to dream of a wildness distant from ourselves. There is none such.”

~ Henry David Thoreau ~

Rewilding the human project is interactive artful living that seeks to draw humans into their internal wilderness spaces, to abide there, to tend these spaces, to release. This directly mirrors our relationship with our earth’s wild places. The hope is for this project to develop into an offering of visceral transformative experiences in nature that allow the beasts of our hearts to commune with the wild earth, in which we explore being wild humans in our natural habitat.

A Day in the Life of …

Curatrix Visions has been helping Dark Mouth Productions in putting together an art & ecology portal for the Art in Nature festival in Oakland, CA.

A Day in the Life of … is an invitation for humans to enter the portal and embody a local creature, experiencing the local ecology through fresh eyes, antennae, roots or paws.