2016 Mixtape ~ pitter patter, songs of rain

This year’s mixtape is dedicated in gratitude to the rains, which swell rivers and swell hearts, which cleanse our hands and feed the lands. May the waters that feed us and become us continue to nourish life. May they be clean and pure and protected. May our tears be strong and powerful and carry the grace of the rains. May we learn the lessons sung by the voices of the waters, teaching us to flow, urging us to come together, washing over our hearts, and always returning home. May we all remember what is truly important in the world, and what feeds us.

This mixtape as usual, is a journey through some of my favorite songs from the year, beginning smooth, and eventually reaching a climax before coming down again gently. ~Thank you for listening ~

01. Ladysmith Black Mambazo – Rain, Rain, Beautiful Rain
02. Peia – Beauty Thunders
03. Adam Torres – Mountain River
04. Ayla Nereo – Ivory Tongue
05. Alt-J – Hunger of the Pine
06. Yaima – Our Game
07. Xenia Rubinos – Right?
08. Fat Freddy’s Drop – Makkan
09. Ixchel Prisma – Cura
10. Giyo – Feelin’ Fine
11. Leon Bridges – River
12. Sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds – Mama Knows
13. RJD2 – Peace of What (ft. Jordan Brown)
14. Gladkill – Feel So (ft. Erica Dee)
15. Deya Dova – Return of the Bird Tribes
16. SOOHAN – Full on Bulgarian
17. Dubvirus – Ratch It
18. Goopsteppa – Universal
19. HÄANA – Leya
20. Scott Nice – Picaflorcita ft. Shira Netanya
21. Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith – Arthopoda
22. Elephant Revival – Raindrops

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