a memory

the bones of me can’t forget
to be strong without apology
skeleton, rest easy with that power.

heart empty and
body so full of love
to open my throat in full roar
would shake fear from the world–
a flimsy fortress crumbling in a cool torrent of clarity.
civilization, what evidence have you left?

still, silence sits gravely in my mouth.
when did i learn shame?
yes, women, we carry it
deep in the posture passed down from our mothers.
muscles wrap my bones in cords of it
to tame the boundless nature teeming in me
as if all this strength was needed
just to hold the weight of my head,
bowed with memory.

i remember

they used to honor our unbridled hearts
with offerings of beauty and bounty—
crowns of flowers,
crystals, songs, honey, fruit–
we would laugh
and love them all freely, infinitely,
as we loved ourselves and so all things.
when nurtured, abundance wells from within

which happened first–
the hunger for more
or fear
of the scarcity of love?

skeleton, rattle me out of this skin,
who clothed me in this disguise and why
do they clutch at this?
there is nothing to be taken.

speak, tongue;
dance, limbs;
naked, i will heal these hearts.


~laura dev 2013~

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