2017 mixtape ~ into the dream

Compiling this mixtape is a fun excuse to stay current(ish) with music, and practice one of my longtime crafts of mixmaking and music curation.

This year’s set is influenced by sounds of jazz, R&B, electronic dance music, reggae, folk, dub, psychedelia, hip-hop, west african music, Indian music, bluegrass, middle eastern music, americana, wixarika, and yoruba music. Most songs have a sort of soulful futuristic hybrid melty sound that defy easy categorization and tickle my toes. The set in its entirety is a journey through a wide swath of emotion, of learning to love and trust in oneself, of dreaming as a portal to enter the shadow realms, to come through to the other side transformed, living anew, and remembering how to sing.

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