that which is all

dear ones, have you heard it? the only story our greatest grandmother has been telling us every moment of every life? the universe unfolds here on earth, whispering and shuddering our senses with the voices of rain and beasts, the sighs of canyons, scent of streets, blush of flame, the scraping of human on human, the stars. grandmother speaks her story straight into and through each of us, with many names and mouths. our own hearts and breath add to the chorus, and it is all the same: i am. existence is the dance and song as one, this felt body revealing all we know. this, deepening as the skin listens ever more closely, leans in a bit to brush against the breeze: shhhhhhhhhhhhhh it says, as it wets these lips ~ a greeting from the sea. here we roam, attending to the landscapes of the message still streaming from our oldest ancestor, enveloping and living us each second, so constant and complete that it takes all of us to bear.