Endangered species condoms

Endangered species condoms

I love that the Center for Biological Diversity is bringing attention to the link between human overpopulation and global species extinctions. Often, when talking about the ecological crisis people dance around this huge elephant in the room, which is the sheer number of humans on the planet, and move straight on to solutions. To raise awareness about this issue you can volunteer to pass out these hilarious and to-the-point condoms this halloween: Fear Extinction? Become a Condom Volunteer for Halloween .

A Day in the Life of …

Curatrix Visions has been helping Dark Mouth Productions in putting together an art & ecology portal for the Art in Nature festival in Oakland, CA.

A Day in the Life of … is an invitation for humans to enter the portal and embody a local creature, experiencing the local ecology through fresh eyes, antennae, roots or paws.

This is the interactive booklet I made to guide participants through the experience: